!ePCert - Education-Performance Certification

What is !ePCert?
!ePCert is a performance evaluation certification program available for private schools. The program provides private schools with an opportunity to not only receive valuable feedback from parents, it also provides them with a "marketing" tool (branded "Certification") to use in maintaining current students and attracting new students. Parents want to know that they have an outlet for "safe to day" feedback.

How does the !ePCert Program work?
The program, in summary, provides parents an opportunity to complete an anonymous survey (online or hard copy). The survey is issued to parents on a random basis throughout the school year. The school /instructors do not have access to when (what month) a parent may receive their survey. This ensures, for the parent, that the school and instructors are on top performance at all times, not just during a defined survey period.

What type of Questions does an !ePCert Survey contain?
The survey covers all areas of a private school's operations, including the instructors, the facilities, safety, programs, administration accessibility, communications, costs/fees, fundraising events, etc. Not only will the survey provide your school with extremely valuable feedback on current operations, it can also generate new ideas and cost saving opportunities. Comment & idea sections are included in the survey for enhancements. In addition, parents with students that have attended other schools, often provide great comparison feedback. It is important to remember that the more involved a parent is with a school from a feedback perspective, the more involved they become creatively and financially to enhance the school's performance.

How Quickly can our School initiate an !ePCert Program?
Implementation of the program is quick and easy. The school sends an !ePCert letter home with each student/family. The letter informs the parents of the program and allows them an "opt-out" option if they do not wish to participate. Participating parents are then randomly contacted throughout the school year for survey completion.

Is there a cut-off Month for starting the !ePCert Program per a given Academic Year?
Yes, the program must be initiated no later than December 1 of a given standard academic year for certification. If the service is engaged after December 1, the school can market that they will be participating in the program, however, it will not initiate until the following school year.

When will the School receive their !ePCert Results and Certification?
All surveys will be conducted prior to April 30 of a given year with results and certification provided to the school no later than May 31.

Can we see the survey questions in advance?
Yes. All surveys will contain consistent questions to ensure comparable results. You can review the questions prior to initiating the program.

Do we have to disclose the results of the survey?
The decision as to disclosure of the results is your decision. We will provide all results to the school in user-friendly format to utilize as best fits your needs.

How much does the !ePCert Program Cost?
There is a flat fee of $1,500 for schools with 100 or less families. For schools in excess of 100 families participating, the fee is $1,500, plus $15 per family over the initial 100 families. A supply and postage charge will also be added for those families requiring a hard-copy survey.

How do we Get Started!
Contact - !ePCert Program at (email) contact@slnetwork.com