!FeA - Fundraising Enhancement Assistance!

What is !FeA?

!FeA is a "fundraising enhancement assistance" service whereas we can help you supplement auction item needs. Too often a school, non-profit or other organization launches a fundraising event, however, then struggles (or gets tired of begging) for lining up enough auction items to make the event attractive and profitable.

How does the !FeA Process work?

The process is simple. You contact us and let us know how many auction items you are in need of, the event date, and specify whether you are seeking silent or live auction items. We then confirm the number of items we can provide. There is no cost to you for the items. We provide the items and split (50/50) the ultimate proceeds from the auction process. For example, if we provide an item that brings in $100, you retain $50 and we receive $50. We only make $$ if your items sells well, so it is our goal to provide you with "hot sellers."

How much Lead Time must we provide !FeA?

The more lead time, the better to ensure that we can meet your needs. If you provide us minimal lead time, it depends on what we have in stock when you call. We will make every effort to assist you as much as possible.

Just to confirm, there is "No Cost?"

There is no cost to you for the items provided. There is a $15 standard delivery fee for the items. In the event you are seeking a large item that requires special delivery, we would discuss any additional cost with you upfront.

How do you locate items to have in Stock and things deemed to be "Hot Sellers?"

First of all, we monitor fundraising auction events to "see what sells." We "shop & stock" year-round. This allows us to locate and purchase "hot sellers" via seasonal, overstock, clearance situations. We also watch for specialty and designer goods opportunities. In researching auction attendees, we found that many just come to look, however, will buy if they see a "deal." Others come to contribute and they will spend $$ on something and often have a budget in their head on how much they want to contribute. When we provide items for your event, we provide items for the "deal" attendees and for the "spenders." People seek items they need, can use or would be buying anyway. They also seek "gifts" for kids, grandkids and others. They also love when they find something that they want, however, would have never purchased for themselves had it not been a fundraisers.

How do we Get Started!
Contact - Fundraising Enchancement Assistance (email) contact@slnetwork.com