State & Local Tax Services

Sales & Use Tax Refund Recovery & Exposure Analysis
States continually revise their taxability interpretations as a result of legislation, case law, etc. We will examine your sales and use tax transactions and identify those areas of refund opportunities and exposure concerns. We will assist you with a "turn-key" recovery of all refund opportunities and provide you with recommendations for exposure concerns. If interested, we also make available on-site personnel training sessions.

Exemption Certificate Analysis & Update
Missing or invalid customer exemption documentation can prove costly for a company upon audit. We review, analyze, update, and database your documentation to allow for ongoing compliance with your exempt sale transactions.

Sales & Use Tax Audit Defense
As state and local tax audits originate, we can provide you with the necessary assistance to expedite the audit process and assure that your assessment is minimized to only those tax dollars you legally owe.

Incentives & Credits Analysis
To encourage economic development and retain business activities, states have become very generous with offering various tax credits and incentives (i.e. investment credits, jobs credits, training credits, research & development credits, etc.). We will examine your business activities to determine those credits and incentives available, as well as, assist you with future monitoring and planning options.

Nexus Analysis & Voluntary Disclosure Assistance
As companies expand their operations into multiple states, they often fail to monitor tax compliance creating activities (i.e. nexus). It takes very little activity within a state to be subject to sales/use and/or income/franchise tax. We will analyze your multistate operations to determine where you have created nexus for compliance purposes. In those situations where you have created nexus for prior periods, we can negotiate a voluntary disclosure agreement on your behalf limiting the tax periods and penalties that may otherwise be assessed if the state locates you first.

Informal Letter Ruling Requests/Taxability Decision Matrix
Who are your decision-makers? What tool(s) do they use when making taxability decisions? Let us provide you with a customized taxability matrix to assist your personnel with their day-to-day compliance decisions. If you have an existing taxability matrix, allow us to update it for you on a periodic basis. For controversial transaction categories, we will pursue applicable states for a written opinion. The opinion will be issued directly to us, addressing your issues, therefore, not creating a risk of exposure for your operations.

Sales & Use Tax On-Site Training & Updates
On-site customized training and/or update sessions are available which will not only provide you valuable information. but will also challenge your personnel to think outside the box.

Unclaimed Property
Unclaimed property is not a "tax", therefore, with the exception of a few states that have enacted special legislation, there are
no statutory audit limitation periods. States have the right and authority to assess an unclaimed property assessment upon a company, initiating with the period in which the unclaimed property statute was enacted in their state. Therefore, a tolerable "one-year" assessment amount can be projected into an unimaginable (unexpected) overall assessment (10-20 years in some cases).

Let us do a risk analysis for you! We've helped all size companies become compliant and thereby reduce their audit risk as well as their liability. We have all the checklists, templates and the resources and contacts to make your compliance and reporting as pain free as possible.

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